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Tuesday 4th June – Thursday 13th June 2024

This trip is for healers and creatives, and I welcome you to take this magical journey with me to Egypt.
You will have the opportunity to have a beautiful adventure filled with love, laughter, fun, magic and healing.

This journey is designed to speak to the creative and the spiritual. It is also designed to be fun, healing and joyous. There is a great pantheon of Egyptian Gods, who have complex and wonderful myths from a spiritual and creative perspective. 
I am blessed to have received the guidance and journeys relating to the pantheon of Egyptian deities and I am honoured to be able to share them with you. During the ten days you will be taken on guided journeys to the pantheon which will build upon each other. They are designed to be healing, transformative and end on a joyous note.
Egypt is a beautiful and magical place that speaks to the spiritual and creative. I wish you a wonderous, joyful and beautiful journey.

With love

Egypt 2024

Days 1 – 3 Cairo 
We will fly to Cairo and have dinner together and get to know each other. We will visit the great pyramids of Egypt, the Sphinx and the Cairo Museum. You will learn how to ground and be taken on various journeys and meditations to meet your higher self and receive sacred messages. 

Days 4 – 7 Sail from Aswan to Luxor
We will fly to Aswan and embark on a cruise along the Nile to Luxor. During this time, you will visit the temples of the Goddess Isis and the Gods Horus and Sobek. You will be taken on guided journeys that are designed to be healing, inspiring, informative and transformative. Upon disembarking the ship, you will have the opportunity to take a hot air balloon ride on the West Bank, and we will visit the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. 


Days 8 – 10 Luxor
You will have the opportunity to visit the temples of Hathor and Osiris in Dendera and Abydos. We will visit high quality oil and herb shops, as well as papyrus shops and markets where you will be given the opportunity to purchase high quality oils, herbs, spices, books and papers. You will also be taken on guided meditations and journeys. On the final night, we will sail on the Nile, where you will be given the opportunity to let go of all that does not serve you and to invite joy into your life.  

Approximate Price
£1700  + flight (£650 approx) which will cover, transfers and transport, food, accommodation, entry into temples and museums. 
What is NOT included in the price: tips (optional), shopping and hot air balloon. To enquire please email me at

Egypt 2024

“When the opportunity presents … take it …it’s yours Something I was told a long ago. And so it was with my return to Egypt … a calling … a whisper in the wind The School of Great Mysteries I’d been before with my now departed father but this time I was going with a deep hearted Shaman I walked with reverie around all the ancient sites wondering about their knowledge , rites and practices…. Pure magic unfolded . I even had a dalliance with Sekhmet ( not to be missed) The real magic came however in my ‘journeys ‘ with Thandi The ambience she created , the love , the light and joy from her being set me on a deeper understanding of the ‘ mysteries’ and my life’s purpose This appetite for inner understanding and growth persists to this day My knowledge and ‘ downloads’ are growing and bedding in exponentially…. So much so , I’m going with Thandi to Egypt next year. Turns out Egypt ( and Thandi) are not finished with me yet.


Pauline - Scotland

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