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“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi

Your Soul's purpose

Firelight shamanism seeks to bring fire to love and light and to help people to become healed and inspired to live their true authentic self and realise their soul purpose. 

. Only from this place can we make decisions for the highest good in accordance with the Divine Creator and the benefit of all. Every human soul is sacred. Every human soul has gifts, skills and traits that can bring about a better world. And as such, we can change the world in beautiful ways. When this state is achieved, nothing is impossible. 



We Are a Global Management Firm, Driving Long Term Sustainable Returns

Making Things Brighter.

Every Single Day.

Firelight Shamanism

The world is in crisis. Humanity is divided and many people are succumbing to darkness. The world we live in is in great peril due to environmental degradation from human activity, not to mention the rise of extremism and the threat of war.

Thandi is the one practitioner I know I can trust to work in my energy field; something I'm very careful about! When I need shamanic healing, she's the person I go for. She is methodical, careful, sincere and authentic, yet totally open and connected to the other worlds and dimensions. I value that very highly and can't recommend her enough as a healer and teacher! A powerful and gifted soul, firmly planted on the Earth

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