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Creative Spark

A shamanic course for writers to inspire and feed your imagination. 

Storytellers dive into consciousness, dance with life and tell the stories of the unheard.  

If you open your heart and mind, you will see the world in a new way and see the magic of the universe. 


In this non-residential weekend course,  you will:

  • Learn shamanic journeying to enable you to access the ancient wisdom that resides in consciousness.

  • Access higher power and your Higher Self and tap into ancient wisdom.

  • Be taken on guided journeys and meditations to help you access fantastic worlds.


If you are working on a story, or wish to find inspiration for a story, then this course is for you. 


Course Dates
Friday 12th January to Sunday 14th January 2024
London (Venue TBC)

Friday 9th February to Sunday 11th February 2024
Birmingham  Buddhist Centre


Friday 23rd February to Sunday 25th February
Manchester Buddhist Centre (Bodywise)


FRIDAYS 5.30PM – 8.30PM  SAT & SUN 10.00AM – 6PM



EARLY BIRD - £245 if booked before 30th November 2023
REGULAR - £285

To enquire, please email me at:

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